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 part 1 new idea !

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Date d'inscription : 2015-02-17

PostSubject: part 1 new idea !    Sun 4 Mar - 18:40

Before i start, i dont know if you got any rules about guilds and guilds hall.
But what i tought that should be a nice had to the guilds.
Instead having them spread all over the worlds why not having them in or near the town.
Like they where the guardian of it, so you can collect tax like from them but not gold reward.
It would be "town coin" and it will be use to buy guilds hall deco. that can only be got from it.
but that will need strict rules like min. 3 player to own a guild hall.
Each player will have to be there when they call the GI {Guild Inspector "controlled by an GM"}
to collect the "town coin" that once every month and the amount of TC well ill lets Darkman
decide about it lol. And it would be nice if each town and/or guild have their own sign like
those you got the house, those will be usefull on other idea i got .

Now about those guilds sign when they­'ll be enought guilds we could make a guild concil,
where each guild master will be there to talk about probleme or anything that might occur during
the game play. Of course they will be a GM there too.

Next lets see what about some little change about traveling system. Instead having those old fashion moon gate
why not having something new would be cool, i don't know by what cuz i don't know what u got, ill lets you
find out about that. But about the self teleport that just make you disapear in sprout of smoke it will
be better having this. When you cast the spell u got hit by a lightning "no damage taken" and then char
disapear and a flame strike burst from the ground where the caster was, and finaly a skull is show after the fire
is out.

I remember having kegs onto the game but they where only use for potions why not add wine, cider and ...
there was something else mmm any way im sure you got the point of my tought.

Now lets talk about sex ... ... C'mon guys lol j/k lets kept serious and stay focus.

What about event, it will be nice to have small event each week-end if possible but its not have to be huge juste
somthing like monster attack any town so all player have to go there to before the town fall in the hand of them and no need to reward player who got there, only the fun having a party fight should be cool atleast for it was for me on older server i play.
Next the big event once a month like chrismas party, new year, easter and so do on for and i you can't find an event for each month just say so on the forum, we might find an idea all together.

Oh yeah by the way if you got any idea you are all welcome to post some of your here as well don't be shy.
All idea are good one its just mine are better because im pretty lol.

Hided save zone in big dungeons where player can stay to recover and rest a little.
Traveling merchant with cart aside the long road between town. where u can get healing, resurection and some
goods like healing potion, food and stuff like that.

What a about having monster npc merchant in town instead only human every where like undead town. With skeleton and zombie merchant all over, or those lizard like creature or orcs. Im sure u got many other creature that u can use to change for.

For now ill go take break, ill come back with part 2. See ya all next time.
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part 1 new idea !
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